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10 Cars With the Best Technology for the Money

New car technology continues to advance, with new infotainment options, safety technology, and performance enhancements coming to the market at a lightning fast clip. However, technology can’t help you if you can’t afford it, and buyers always need to look at the cost/benefit of the new tech before they leap.

The best new cars of 2017 are outstanding all-around performers—shown to be reliable, safe, and satisfying. That means they have scored high in track tests and extensive owner surveys.

Fortunately for consumers, safety technologies that cost a couple thousand dollars just a few years ago are now included as standard features on many cars. Advanced infotainment features can now be channeled from your smartphone onto the car’s display using systems such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Check this new car ranking to see if your choice rises to the top, or whether there might be better choices available to get the best bang for your technology buck. Check out the following slides for models that offer a great value for the technology that you get.

Most High-Tech Features in a Budget

Ford F150
Toyota Prius
Chevrolet Sonic
Audi A4
Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid
Kia Niro
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid
Volvo S90
Chevrolet Colorado
Chevrolet Bolt EV


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